Hey there! I’m currently working on Parsnip, which teaches you cooking techniques as you prepare your meals (think “Duolingo for cooking”). Long-term, we’re building an AI assistant that gives superpowers to home cooks and minimizes the cognitive load of meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing food. If this sounds interesting, please get in touch!

I love building intelligent systems of people and computers, and working with multidisciplinary teams that make those systems possible. I draw from broad experience spanning entrepreneurship, product management, machine learning, data visualization, software engineering, human-computer interaction, experiment design, and economics. See my resume or academic CV.

Previously, I was a research scientist turned product manager at CTRL-labs, where we imagined the future of human interface devices by directly connecting your nervous system to computers using custom hardware sensors and machine learning.

Before that, I was part of the Computational Social Science group at Microsoft Research NYC, where I built web applications to conduct large-scale studies of social behavior.

I hold B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Finance from the University of Pennsylvania, and a S.M. and Ph.D. from Harvard University, where I was advised by Yiling Chen as part of the EconCS group.

These are various books I’ve read or plan to read.