Me at Amada in Philadelphia, 2008

I am currently a sixth-year graduate student at Harvard University, in the EconCS group. My advisor is Yiling Chen.

My main research interests are to motivate and understand the design of hybrid systems of humans and computers in online, interconnected settings, and algorithms that are aware of human behavior. I approach this problem from three angles: studying online behavior via experimental and empirical research, building and testing models that capture and predict behavior, and designing algorithms that can optimize or account for behavior. My research covers topics such as crowdsourcing, human computation, online communities, peer production, and information aggregation, using an array of tools including statistical modeling, machine learning, optimization, game theory, and computational, empirical, and experimental approaches.

As an undergrad, I worked on systems and security research at the University of Pennsylvania with Micah Sherr and Boon Thau Loo. As a result, I am happy to apply my systems knowledge to new projects and tackle research that involves engineering, implementation, or empirical challenges.

I received B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Finance from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2009, and a S.M. from Harvard University in 2012.

Curriculum Vitae (Updated June 2014)