I love to learn new things and figure out the best way to get something done. Here are various projects I’ve worked on; everything from software and data to physical things.



Parsnip (“Duolingo for cooking”) applies the same feeling of “leveling up” in a video game to the real-life skill of cooking. Our app hit over 35k downloads with no marketing, reached 4.9⭐ on the App Store, and was featured by Apple. Our users loved us and we probably reached product-market fit. We raised $450k from angel investors including the co-founders of Duolingo and a James Beard laureate, and learned a ton from making many mistakes.



CTRL-labs created a wearable device that used machine learning to decode neuromuscular signals. My work included setting up the machine learning platform, building demo applications, and product management for momentary event detection and rollout of our cloud-based personalized machine learning infrastructure. The company was acquired by Facebook in 2019.



TurkServer is a platform for conducting real-time social science experiments using modern web technologies.

Long-run Cooperation

Long-run Cooperation

What happens to cooperation when a group of people are put in a social dilemma for a long time? We ran a month-long prisoner’s dilemma experiment to find out.

Crisis Mapping

Crisis Mapping

In collective intelligence, what happens to productivity and efficiency as teams become bigger? We studied this as groups worked together in real time.

Open-source Software

I enjoy contributing to the open-source community and releasing well-designed software that is useful to others. Check out my projects on GitHub.

Stack Overflow


I try to document things as I learn them, and StackOverflow is a great place to make sure others get the benefit of this too!

Roast Chicken

The Perfect Roast Chicken

I’m passionate about cooking good food at home. Here’s the best strategy I’ve found so far for creating a crispy-skinned roast chicken with perfectly cooked meat and minimal fuss.


Digital Fabrication

I’m very excited about the growing age of digital fabrication. See my work in MAS 863 “How to Make (Almost) Anything” at MIT in 2014. A few specific examples are linked below.


Press-Fit Go Kart

My final project in How to Make (Almost) Anything: a CNC-fabricated, press-fit construction, wooden go-kart, capable of reaching over 30 mph.

Motor Controller

My First Motor Controller

A foray into power electronics, leading to quite an adventure with oscilloscopes, big MOSFETs, and circuit board fabrication.


Chocolate Casting

Casting chocolate hearts from scratch, including making a food-safe silicone mold and careful tempering.