For talks for which slides and video are available, see links below.


Neil S. Gaikwad, Sohan Dsouza, Oana Vuculescu, and Andrew Mao. Crowdcomputing and Citizen Science for Large-scale Experiments. At the 3nd International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2 2017). [ slides ]

Andrew Mao. Experiments of Collective Social Behavior in the Virtual Lab. At the 2nd International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2 2016). [ slides, video ]

Andrew Mao and Sid Suri. How, When, and Why to Conduct Online Behavioral Experiments. At the 9th Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE 2013). [ slides ]

Selected Talks

Studying Teamwork and Cooperation in the Virtual Lab [ slides ]

May 9, 2017

Carnegie Mellon University AI Lunch and Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA

April 26, 2017

Brown University CSCI 1951k Guest Lecture, Providence RI

February 16, 2017

University of Pennsylvania Computational Linguistics Lunch, Philadelphia, PA

February 8, 2017

Harvard Business School Digital Initiative Seminar, Boston, MA [ audio, interview ]

January 31, 2017

GESIS Computational Social Science Seminar, Cologne, Germany

January 19, 2017

Aarhus University School of Business INEIS Seminar, Aarhus, Denmark

October 2016

SIGAI Career Network Conference, Boston, MA

October 2016

Northeastern University Network Science Institute, Boston, MA

October 2016

Cornell Tech Connected Media Lunch, New York, NY

September 2016

NYU Stern Information Systems Seminar, New York, NY

July 2016

Keynote at International Conference on Crowd Science and Engineering, Vancouver, BC

July 2016

University of Washington HCDE Seminar, Seattle, WA

April 2016

University of Pennsylvania CS Theory Seminar, Philadelphia, PA

April 2016

NYU Polytechnic, Brooklyn, NY

March 2016

Stanford HCI Seminar, Stanford, CA

January 2016

MIT Media Lab Seminar, Cambridge, MA

December 2015

Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA

Long-run Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma [ slides ]

March 9, 2017

Making Better Use of the Crowd, Microsoft Research Week, Redmond, WA

July 2016

Workshop on Human-Agent Interaction Design and Models, New York, NY

June 2016

International Conference on Computational Social Science, Evanston, IL

June 2016

Conference on Collective Intelligence, New York, NY

TurkServer: Toward a More Powerful and Flexible Virtual Lab

April 2016

Crowdsourcing and Behavioral Experiments, Montreal, Canada

Toward a Quantitative Understanding of Teamwork and Collective Intelligence

March 2016

Intelligent Systems Supporting Distributed Teamwork, Stanford, CA

Team Size, Organization, and Performance on Complex Tasks

November 2016

Summit on Human Problem Solving and AI, Sandbjerg, Denmark

November 2015

Digital Revolutions Workshop, Bergen, Norway

Exploring and Visualizing Dynamic Behavioral Data

September 2015

D3.js Meetup, New York, NY

Making an Impact with Meteor in Computer and Social Science

September 2014

Meteor Devshop, San Francisco, CA [ video ]

Designing Better Systems Through Capturing Human Behavior

February 2014

Microsoft Research, New York, NY